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Post date : 17-11-2011 by Gerry O'Brien

Delvotest - Milk Antibiotic Testing Kit 

Delvotest – used worldwide

Delvotest is a microbiological test which can detect the presence of a wide range of antibiotics thanks to a very special bacterial strain. When used in milk testing, this strain is inhibited if Antiobiotics are present.

The Delvotest 'on the farm' kit comes in ampoule form. Each ampoule contains a bacterial growth medium and the special bacterial spores. In the presence of milk and its natural nutrients, the bacteria will germ and multiply during the incubation period (at an optimum temperature of 64°C). However, if antibiotic residues are present in the milk this does not happen.

Delvotest is;

- simple to carry out interpret,

- sensitive to a broad range of antimicrobials,  

- quick and labour saving

- good reproducibility 

- for on farm use

 Delvotest Starter Kit

 The Delvotest 'on the farm' kit is specifically designed for farmers. The kit contains everything you need for quick and easy testing on the farm. It can be used for both cow and milk tank antibiotic tests.

Kit contains;
- An incubator to maintain the milk samples at 64°C
- Ampoules containing the culture are provided in the kit and can also be ordered as required in 25 or 100 ampoule pack sizes
- An easy to use timer to ensure correct incubation times are followed

Delvotest is also used daily for milk tank testing by thousands of dairy companies throughout the world.

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