Nov 29, 2017

A local engineering manufacturer and OEM initiated a feasibility study into the provision and design of a new in-house coating/finishing operation.

Carbon Group’s Paint & Equipment Division was enlisted and was then instrumental in the design and specification of the coating systems and also the application equipment for same.

The varied nature of the substrates involved the devising of a bespoke solution, including powder paint, liquid coatings, and also a separate intumescent coating system. The variety of coating products involved therefore required the provision of a number of dedicated application systems.

These application systems included a high pressure system, conventional air spray equipment, and powder coating application equipment.

The materials and equipment were ordered, delivered and installed. Once the equipment was in place, Carbon Group organised a training schedule and a number of training days for the operation. This succeeded in ensuring that operations achieved all expectations in terms of the intended coating performance and also in terms of the unit’s operational efficiency.

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