PRODUCT INNOVATION: Chlorate Free Sodium Hydroxide 30%

Mar 8, 2018

In response to emerging international dairy industry and food industry trends, Carbon Group’s R&D team has developed an innovative new product: Chlorate Free Sodium Hydroxide 30%.


Manufactured caustic usually contains chloride ranging as high as hundreds of ppm chloride.

Chlorate residue in milk products is an emerging food safety concern for the international dairy industry with potential health implications to vulnerable groups, such as those with mild to moderate iodine deficiency, individuals with low iodine intake and infants. Because of this, Chlorate residue is of particular concern in infant formula manufacture.


As a result of emerging food safety trends, substantially reduced maximum permissible chlorate levels were introduced at the end of 2017.

Indeed, the aim is for processed milk and dairy products to be free of chlorate residues.

To ensure continued compliance, the level of monitoring for chlorates in infant formulation milk powder is now a routine component of quality assurance for all dairy processing companies.


Carbon Group’s innovative and pro-active approach to R&D has allowed us to develop a Sodium Hydroxide 30% concentration which is independently tested and found to contain zero traces of chlorates.


We believe we are the only Irish company to have achieved this purity; we will be rolling out production from Spring 2018.



To find out more about Chlorate Free Sodium Hydroxide 30%, contact Gerard Webb on +353 21 4378 988.