Green Energy Initiative Sees Carbon Group Forklifts Go Electric

Feb 8, 2023

Electric forklifts photographed on-site at Carbon Group, Ringaskiddy.
Carbon Group team members pictured alongside the new electric forklifts at Carbon Group’s Ringaskiddy site.

Sustainability will be at the core of site activities at Carbon Group this year, following the delivery of seven state-of-the-art electric forklifts.

As part of a broad range of environmentally-focused initiatives, Carbon Group’s forklifts have ‘gone electric’ with the use of EVs in both indoor and outdoor areas. Operating at the company’s Ringaskiddy site, the electric forklifts are now being used to support processes connected with the supply, manufacture, blending and packaging of chemicals and food ingredients.

Designated Usage:

Adhering to strict vehicle designation usage, the electric forklifts have been assigned usage for internal and external processes, with certain of the new forklifts dedicated for GMP warehouse areas.

Daithi Allison, Site Engineering Manager at Carbon Group, says the EVs have already become part of the daily routine:

“It’s been wonderful to see our team become familiar with the new electric forklifts and I’m delighted that the transition from diesel to electric vehicles has gone so smoothly.

Naturally, we’ve dedicated some vehicles for use in GMP areas and each of the new EVs has been appointed for use in indoor or outdoor settings.”

One of Carbon Group's new electric forklifts in action.
One of Carbon Group’s new electric forklifts in action.

Safety & Maintenance:

Advanced smart-charging and long-life batteries have ensured that the introduction of electric forklifts has not caused any compromise in terms of work processes and productivity.

In fact”, Daithi adds, “reducing our environmental footprint has brought with it some distinct advantages: our new electric forklifts are enhanced with advanced safety controls and safety limits; plus, automated vehicle diagnostics mean that daily safety checks are incorporated into the vehicle maintenance routine.

These features and benefits are in keeping with Carbon Group’s commitment to continuously advance our site safety and be alert to any potential issues before they arise”.  

Company-wide Initiative:

Carbon Group Managing Director, Brian Walsh, says Carbon Group’s ongoing environmental programme will see further, similar initiatives being implemented during the coming months:

“Not only are we reducing our environmental footprint, but every incremental step towards implementing our medium-term environmental programme, helps make Carbon Group an even better place to work. Our production and warehouse teams have been quick to endorse these new EVs and it’s great to see how adaptable our team members are. We’re looking forward to announcing a range of additional environmental initiatives during 2023“.