Accreditations & Memberships

Carbon Group operate under the ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System. With an onsite Analytical QC Laboratory facility, Carbon Group can ensure each batch complies with the specific production specification. Over the past 5 years, Carbon Group have invested significantly in expanding our QA & QC teams, to meet the demands of our customer’s requirements.

Quality Management Structure

  • Quality Manager
  • Process Chemist
  • QA Officers and QC Technicians
  • EHS Manager

Carbon Group have Halal and Kosher certified facilities & procedures and are currently awaiting FSSC22000 approval.

ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System

Carbon Group are proud to have ISO 9001:2015 accreditation which has been achieved through the implementation of a Quality Management System that focuses on efficiently providing products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. 

Carbon Group have been assessed by NSAI and have been deemed to comply with the provisions of ISO 9001:2015 in respect of: 

The manufacture, blending, dilution, packing, and storage of chemicals and food ingredients and the distribution and sale of chemicals and food ingredients.

In Order to continually improve processes and increase customer satisfaction, Carbon Group implement the PDCA cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Act) and abide to the Seven Quality Management Principles:

— Customer Focus

— Leadership

— Engagement of People

— Process Approach

— Improvement

— Evidence-based Decision Making

— Relationship Management.


Carbon Group are proud members of IACI, an organisation that represents Ireland’s chemical supply chain.

IACI play a key role in providing Carbon Group with key information that allows us to maintain our business with the evolving regulatory and legislative framework.

Through their partnerships with the European Association for Distributors (FECC) and the International Chemical Trade Association (ICTA), IACI provide their members with a voice that can be reached globally.

IACI support and promote the 8 guideline principles of Responsible Care for continuous improvement in Health, Safety and Environmental Performance, striving towards sustainability


Carbon Group are proud members of Repak, “an environmental, not for profit organisation with a social mission”.  

Repak are the leading environmental organisation in Ireland, with a focus on transforming the Irish recycling landscape by reducing the environmental impact of packaging waste in order to protect the environment.  

NISO- Member of National Irish Safety Organisation

Carbon Group are members of the National Irish Safety Organisation (NISO), a not-for-profit charity with a mission “to create the conditions where Irish workplaces are among the safest and healthiest in Europe”

NISO provide leading information and training services that promote a culture of excellence in workplace health and safety. NISO also collaborate with the Health and Safety Authority (HSA), the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) and IBEC.


AEO status is a certified standard authorisation issued by customs administrations in the EU. It certifies that an economic operator has met certain standards in relation to: safety and security, systems to manage commercial records, compliance with customs rules, financial solvency and practical standards of competence or professional qualifications.

Responsible Care

Responsible Care is a global, voluntary initiative developed by the chemical industry to continuously improve its commitment in health, safety and environmental performance. Responsible Care programme is based on a set of eight common fundamental principles.

Carbon Group are committed to:

1. Legal Requirements
Conform with all legal regulations and requirements and should operate in accordance with both government and industry codes of practice and guidance associated with their chemical activities.

2. Management of Risk
Ensure that their activities do not present an unacceptable level of risk to employees, contractors, customers, the public or the environment.

3. Policies and Documentation
Have written documentation which covers their activities and ensure that their health, safety and environmental policies reflect their commitment to A Joint Responsible Distribution/Responsible Care Programme as an integral part of their business strategy.

4. Provision of Information
Provide relevant health safety and environmental information on company products and activities to employees, contractors, customers, statutory bodies and the public

5. Training
Ensure that all employees are aware of their commitment and provide the training necessary to enable them to be involved in the achievement of health, safety and environmental objectives.

6. Emergency Response
Establish and maintain an appropriate emergency response system.

7. Ongoing Improvements
Support and participate in those activities which will improve the quality of their own operations and strengthen health, safety and environmental consciousness and awareness.

8. Community Interaction
Maintain an awareness of and respond to community concerns which relate to their activities.