Pack Size: 20L, 1000L

Activity available: 
Fromase 750 TL, XLG
Fromase 220XLG, 2200 TL-


Microbial coagulant preparation derived from a selected strain of Rhizomucor miehei
Fromase XLG - Most specific & pure Mucor Miehei available
Coagulation performance on par with calf rennet
Very heat sensitive

Features & Benefits

No side activities in whey
No carbohydrate degrading enzymes present
No GMO ingredients or allergens
Benzoate & Glycerol free
Less proteolytic activity resulting in a longer shelf life
All certificates available including VLOG
Provides consistency, improved cheese texture and reduced cheese losses.
Excellent flavour stability & high purity
Ideal for sugared dairy products
EU produced enzyme for guaranteed quality, traceability and supply.

Grades Available

Fromase 750 TL- Thermolability- 73°C. Heat sensitive enzyme that ensures inactivity of enzymes during whey pasteurisation.
Fromase 750 XLG- Thermolability- 68°C. 100% pure. Free of enzymatic side activity.
Fromase 2200 TL- Heat sensitive.