Delvo®Cid is a microbial inhibitor with Natamycin being the active ingredient.

It is the ideal solution to protect food from mould & yeast growth in dairy products and fermented meats.

Delvo®Cid has the following characteristics

Does not kill bacteria, and therefore will not affect the natural ripening process of cheese & fermented meats.
Colourless, Odourless, Tasteless
Does not impact on the sensory properties of the end product.
Stable at a wide pH range (4-9) and highly effective at very low dosage rate
Easy-to-apply and tailored to your production process
Declared safe by independent food safety authorities, including the European Food Safety Authority
Remains on the surface of the cheese and does not migrate into the interior of the product

Benefits of Delvo®Cid

Superior to standard Natamycin suspensions
With accelerated solubility of natamycin crystals and significantly lower sedimentation rates,
Delvo®Cid+ is a patented product, which is far superior to standard natamycin suspensions.
In liquid food applications as well as spray and dipping suspensions, Delvo®Cid+ fully protects your products – fast.

Faster solubility
Natamycin is active against moulds and yeasts only when dissolved. In water, natamycin has a low solubility of approximately 40 ppm.
Above these concentrations natamycin is present in crystal form. Delvo®Cid+ crystals achieve the maximum natamycin concentration in water far more rapidly.
By speeding up the dissolving process, liquid products can be protected in minutes rather than hours.

Improved suspension
Delvo®Cid+ shows negligible sedimentation rates.
The natamycin crystals remain active where needed, offering enhanced protection.
In contrast, the crystals in standard natamycin suspensions sink to the bottom and are therefore not present where the protection is needed.
Using Delvo®Cid+ prolongs the suspension of natamycin from hours to days.

Highly convenient
A flexible, safe and easy to use product, Delvo®Cid+ is available in a standard 4% concentration or can be tailor made to your specific needs.
It is ready to use and gives a reduced risk of application errors.
Cost efficient High solubility speed provides immediate action and negligible sedimentation means Delvo®Cid+ is present where it is needed.
Therefore, a smaller amount will provide the required protection – allowing you to achieve guaranteed quality for less.

Cheese wheels/blocks can be dipped or sprayed with Delvo®Cid.
It is also possible to add Delvo®Cid to the brine tank.