Plant based protein with high nutritional value, balanced taste profile and excellent functional properties


Entirely soluble over a broad pH range and shows outstanding foaming and emulsifying properties.
Has a balanced taste profile that can be incorporated in a broad range of applications without compromising end product quality.
Contains all the essential amino acids and therefore has high nutritional quality.


Native protein, there-fore highly functional. Excellent foaming and emulsifying properties.
Due to high solubility, no grittiness in application.
Can be used in pasteurisation and UHT processes. Suitable for plant-based drinks, ice cream, plant-based yogurt and cheese.


Brings fortification of plant-based drinks without impacting taste and texture.
Brings both emulsification and aeration functionality to provide smooth texture and clean flavour to vegan ice cream.
Can being clean flavour and full nutritional profile to soy free vegan yogurts.