Increase mineral availability

DelvoPlant PHY is a phytase derived from a fungal strain
Phytase can break apart phytate by cleaving off phosphate residues in phytate and preventing it from forming complexes with minerals.
Phytate is  strong chelator of minerals like iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium.
In the complex form, the bioavailability of these minerals is strongly reduced.


DelvoPlant PHY works below pH 7 with an optimum pH of 4.5 and at temperatures between 30-50°C.
Phytate contains 6 phosphate residues per molecule, 5 of which can be liberated by DelvoPlant PHY
More than 80% of phytate will be degraded by DelvoPlant PHY
Phytate present in wheat, rice, oat, pea, faba beans, soy & almonds.


VLOG compliant
Increased nutritional value by unlocking the natural present minerals.
Reduces requirement for mineral fortification (label friendly)