Liquefaction Enzymes

Delvo®Plant ALT is an αamylase produced by a classical bacterial strain suitable for low temperature processes like oat

Delvo®Plant AHT is a thermostable α-amylase produced by a classical bacterial strain suitable for high temperature processes like rice

These α-amylase products act to break down starch into dextrin’s.

Starch in its native form, has the following characteristics

No sweetness
High viscosity
Non-water soluble

DelvoPlant ALT/AHT will break down Starch into Dextrin’s, which have the following characteristics-

No sweetness
Lower viscosity
Medium water soluble

Delvo®Plant ALT/AHT are vital enzymes to produce a drinkable cereal drink


ALT & AHT are added in the liquefaction step.
Dosage dependent on desired mouthfeel.


Create base taste, texture and sweetness of plant-based drinks
VLOG compliant (no VLOG status yet
Suitable for organic plant-based drinks