Delvotest SP NT 5 Plates (Suitable for use in Milk Intake/Quality Labs only)

Pack Size

5 Pack Plates

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• Gold Standard test for broad spectrum detection of antibiotic residues in milk.
• Used by all major dairies in Ireland.
• Can be applied with Cows, Sheep & Goats milk.
• Minimises costs associated with contaminated milk such as disruption of production, cost of disposal & additional testing costs.
• Delvotest® provides fast and easy acceptance of milk trucks, preventing quality issues related to milk contamination enabling dairies
to have undisrupted milk production.
• Results in 3 hours.

Ampoules must be stored upright in their original packaging in a dark, cooled place at constant temperature between 4 and 8°C.
The ampoules can be stored no longer thank 4 days outside of these conditions.
The test kits should never be frozen during transport or storage